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When it comes to psychedelic research, we have access to a diverse array of chemicals. As a result, we’ll attempt to dissect the distinctions within this massive and rapidly evolving chemical family.

Be aware that you are at the top of the food chain when it comes to psychedelics. As a result, the term “psychedelic chemicals” encompasses a broad range of chemical classes. To name a few, tryptamines, lysergamides, and phenethylamines are all psychedelic chemicals.

Each psychedelic substance contains a benzene ring in its chemical structure. There are, however, significant distinctions between the various subclasses. Apart from chemical differences, psychedelics are reported to have a wide variety of reported effects, ranging from exclusively visual to a combination of visual, cognitive, and hallucinatory states.

Therefore, if you’re considering conducting a psychedelic study, take a look at our inventory of readily available psychedelics. The psychedelics have been classified, and you can learn more about each one by clicking on its chemical structure or reported effect.

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